Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Keep Trying

So I woke up today and had apparently lost about 3 pounds of water weight.  Okay.  That was in spite of eating, oh, around 3,000 calories yesterday.

Sometimes my body is like that.  My weight will be very stable even when I'm watching my portions, but then when I have a quasi-re-feed day, it's like my body goes, oh, hey, we're not starving!  Got it!  And any extra water weight goes away.

Today was pretty much the same food-wise as yesterday.  I skipped breakfast, and by the time I got to work, I regretted it, so I ended up eating some goat cheese.  Lunch was the same, except I managed to sub out plain old olive oil for the Bragg's.  Dinner was, once again, the same.  I was starving in between lunch and dinner, so I had some macadamia nuts, and I ate the last of my almond butter cookies.

I have some inflammation going on in my skin.  It could be the increased cheese consumption.  It could be the increased nut consumption.  It could be that I ate too many not-so-tasty almond butter cookies last night (that's probably it).

I also look at my numbers and see that, aside from being killed on the carbs by little things like tomato sauce, I'm not getting enough protein.  Scratch that -- I'm actually eating too much fat.  My protein levels are fine.

Funny that I'm also eating too many calories.  But man, when I eat too many, I FEEL it.  I think that sometimes I'm seeking out food because I need energy from the lack of carbs, but that's what they call the carb flu.  I guess I never realized that, in all my days of following a Primal or Paleo style diet, I never really made myself get past the carb flu.  I just figured that if dropping carbs for that long made me feel not-so-hot, then it isn't good for me and I shouldn't stress my body out like that.

Obviously, I'm doing this because I question that line of logic.  It's like saying a druggie shouldn't go through withdrawal because that kind of misery and stress on the body isn't good for it.  We know that's dead wrong.

Anyway, enough of that.

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to chicken for dinner.  And hopefully some kale sauteed with garlic.

Also tomorrow, I have an appointment with a new OB/GYN to see what my problems are.  Maybe I'll get an answer?


  1. Hiya sugar! I've missed your updates!! I'm glad things are going okay - but I can totally relate to the carb flu. The only time I've ever felt like I was getting enough carbs was when I went vegan. Now with my normal paleo/primal-esque way of eating I find its super easy to overeat on the fats & protein, but I'm ALWAYS under in carbs! Its a struggle! Especially since the extra fats mean I'm eating WAY more calories than I probably should be (but thankfully weight is holding steady for the time being!)

    Thanks for swinging by my blog! That bulletproof coffee has become a daily staple for us, its super yummy! I hope your appointment goes well today & keep up with the posts! I love catching up with you!

    Have a good day honey! :-D

    1. Wow, I think right now we're having completely different reactions to carbs! I'm still trying to figure out why my hormones are slow to get started, and I read on one blog that carbs are so good for helping women's bodies feel like they're nourished. Then again, I've also read anecdotes that some women go on low-carb diets and their hormones get a kick in the rear. I decided that super-low-carb just didn't quite jive with me, so I started adding stuff back in, rice, corn, potatoes, oatmeal, beans, and ending up with 150-200g carbs a day. Then, on occasion, I would eat eggs and bacon for breakfast, and it was like shining a light on my life. So I thought, well, the one extreme that seemed just too extreme might have some merit to it, so why not try that? The problem I'm having is wanting some veggies, too, and for my meals to feel like meals. Veggie carbs add up quickly when you're trying to keep it super-low. I think I have the plan squared away, I just have to get the foods under control.

      Even nuts can kill a carb count. Geez oh man.